Under 16 Elite Squad

Budewaveriders Under 16 Advanced Youth Development Squad Proposal

As a club we have developed over the last 10 years into a thriving hub that gives young surfers an opportunity to share their passion for surfing with other like minded people in a safe and supported environment.

This has developed from just one session on Friday to a Beginner session followed by an Intermediate session. This has proved to be a popular progression but what happens when our young surfers reach the higher levels of ability in their surfing?

In the past this has been when we see a decline in our numbers with the older more advanced surfers spreading their wings and becoming independent surfers. This is by no means a bad thing but as a club we asked ourselves if we could develop another level after the intermediate stage? One that focuses on developing our young surfers into the very best surfers they can be with an emphasis on competing at regional, national and even internationally.

Over the last few weeks we have started to create an idea that will be developed and introduced to our club members both at the AGM and also via our social media streams. 

We are about to launch Budewaveriders very own Under 16 Advanced Youth Development Squad

This squad will be coached in two aspects

Firstly under the instruction of Tammy Smith who is an x-professional, highly skilled and knowledgeable surf coach. These weekly surf sessions will be videoed and analysed. The sessions will have an emphasis on technical development, improving competitive surfing strategy and tactics alongside goal setting and working towards aspirations.

Secondly the Development Squad will also get 2 sessions a month with Jeremy Latham a highly experienced and knowledgeable fitness coach who will be focussing his training sessions around increasing movement quality and mobility, increasing power through the body, completing high intensity workouts to boost cardiovascular endurance and finally exploring the use of surf skates as dry land training tools to bring the aspects developed in the gym onto the boards.

This developmental step is an incredibly exciting next step in our club’s journey. It is focussed on developing highly skilled Competitive Surfers who will be either looking to enhance their existing competitive surfing or are about to embark on the beginnings of a fledgling regional competitive journey and want to maximise their potential along the way.

The members of the Advanced Youth Development Squad will pay a monthly fee of £40 (TBC) that will go towards the cost of their coaching sessions. This cost will cover: –

  • 2 x 1 hr Gym sessions per month
  • 4 x 1.5 hr surf coaching sessions with additional video analysis 

The Youth Development squad will run in school term time starting after the Easter Holidays and pausing over the Summer Holidays recommencing in the Autumn term.

It does of course mean that we have to create a selection criteria to enable the right surfers to be placed into this pathway, to enable them to get the very most out of it and maximise their potential in developing into the best competitive surfer they can be.

Due to the level of investment in this program and the fact that surfing ratios when out back are lower than shoreline sessions we will be creating a squad of 10 surfers at this present time. This is to enable each surfer to get valued feedback from our coaches that has an impact on their development. To have a larger squad will only reduce the ability to offer enough 1-1 feedback per athlete making it ineffective. Tammy will also be looking to split the group into approximately half, based on age and physicality to enable conditions and breaks trained in, to match surfers needs.

We expect that interest in this Development Squad will be high so to enable the most appropriate young surfers to be selected, we will be holding a series of trial sessions in both the gym and in the waves. The two coaches will be looking to identify their 10 surfers based on this criteria below: –

  • Commitment in all aspects of the trial to give their very best
  • An ability to listen and take on board the advice given during the trial (known as coachability)
  • A clear level of ability that is either advanced or progressing from intermediate towards advanced surfing.
  • Experience of competing either in club, regional or national events with continued motivation to compete this season.
  • Self motivated to learn and passionate about everything that surfing encompasses.

Those who unfortunately do not make the selection will be put on a reserve list and if injury impacts on a squad member or a surfer is not deemed to be showing the appropriate commitment levels, their spot will be relinquished to the next placed reserve surfer.

We will be releasing more details in the coming weeks about how to book onto the trial sessions which will be held in the Easter Holidays and must emphasise that this is for highly skilled young surfers who want to push their competitive surfing to the next level.

If you would like any further information on this Development Squad then please email the club at Budewaveriders at budewaveridersclub@hotmail.com and we will get back to you.


Martin Reay

BWRC Chairman